Six Guidelines for Teaching About Religion

Benjamin P. Marcus, special advisor to the Foundation, shares strategies for including religion in the public classroom. The strategies are constitutionally sound and draw upon sophisticated pedagogies developed by scholars of religion.

Whose Evil? Whose Good? Religion’s Role in Foreign Policy

In a commentary about the role of religion and diplomacy, Benjamin P. Marcus, special advisor to the Foundation, explains that religion is neither good nor evil. Rather religions, more precisely, religious communities define good and evil.

Religious Restrictions Worldwide

The Pew Research Center released a report detailing the latest trends in religious restrictions and hostilities worldwide, showing notable declines while concluding that government restrictions of religious communities are still staggering.

The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris

Benjamin P. Marcus, special advisor to The Foundation for Religious Literacy, reflects on the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters on 7 January 2015, which left 12 people and 11 others injured, sparking rallies around the world.